1918 Model-T Ford Depot Hack One-Ton Truck

This truck has Rocky Mountain Brakes, 2-Speed Rustle Transmission, 5 Speed Columbia Transmission, a total of 20 speeds forward and 10 reverse.  It has built-in benches in the back of the bed with storage.

In 1918, Ford trucks came with fenders, hood and running gear, but no cab or bed. The customer would have had a cab built by a carpenter, woodworker or cabinet maker. Guy and Grant purchased this truck when they were teenagers. the cab was in pieces, however, they and a cousin were able to create a pattern and also used the original hardware.

In 1971, Guy and Grant escorted their sister Susanna to and from her wedding in this truck. The eight large bells rang in union as the wedding party toured Ronan, MT. It was featured on the front page of the Ronan pioneer on Thursday, June 24, 1971.

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