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Montana Museum of Work History

The Montana Museum of Work History is a licensed nonprofit 501(c)3 organization located at Axmen in Missoula, MT.

The museum was founded in 2007 by brothers Guy and Grant Hanson, after years of collecting unique pieces of history.  They decided to start the museum as a way to tell stories and make sure that future generations can hear and feel the history behind the great State of Montana.  Before opening the Axmen, the brothers’ father, Bud, mucked in the mines of Niehart, Montana, sometimes wearing out a shovel in one shift. This Museum is a tribute in part to him and many unnamed others who worked hard to provide for their families and made this state their home – tough men and women in tough country!

The museum celebrates the innovation and work ethic that allowed people to survive and prosper in Montana. The displays include antique firearms, steam and gas engines, automobiles, tools of all descriptions, logging and mining equipment and much more. Tours are available on request. What better place to enjoy this history than inside a real working establishment.

Are you visiting Missoula?  Fill out the form below to request a tour.

**Please contact us at least a week in advance if you plan on having a group of 5 or more.


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